Windswept; a person or thing shaped by strong winds.  Gypsy; a nomadic or free-spirited person. Introducing, the Windswept Gypsies!  We are happy and proud to invite you along on our adventures, and welcome you to be part of our experience in what we hope will be a pleasurable and fulfilling way of life.  First off, we are a young family of four from western Colorado, using the blog and other social media to doc16729042_176470902841650_709312770552582094_nument and share our life journey with anyone and everyone interested in tuning in.  We are embarking on a not so ordinary way of life.  Here you will not find helpful home purchasing tips or reviews on the latest cars, as we are choosing a life a little more simple.  Imagine a life without a mortgage, without cars.  Imagine a life off the grid without schedules or deadlines. Imagine more time with your loved ones and the ability to go anywhere, anytime you choose.  For us, all of this sounded like the optimum way to live our life! That is why we have made the decision to sell off nearly everything we own, purchase a small but capable sailboat, and sail away.

As great as all this sounds it is not quite as simple as the last sentence suggests.  We have only just started this endeavor and have had a ton of challenges thrown our way, and foresee many more to come.  However, taking each in stride and holding onto the dream we have succeeded
in remaining focused on why we are doing this in the first place.  Each and every day that we grow closer to this being our way of life, many things are becoming evident.

First, and most important being our quality and amount of time with our children. Simple life choices have helped us to unplug from some of our distractions and forced us into quality time together.

Secondly, this is not easy! It is not easy to sell or give away everything you have worked hard to accumulate.  It is not easy to sell a comfortable home and replace it with a giant floating question mark.  It is exceptionally difficult to tell loved family members that you are moving away, and greatly reducing the number of visits.  It is not easy to quit a quality job that you have invested so much into, and been focused on for so long.

A third thing that has become clear, is that this is absolutely the best choice we have made.  I know that many of you are reading this wondering how I can make a claim like that so early on.  The truth, this has already brought us closer together and has created some major life changes that are all good for us.

A life with kids on a small sailboat seems an absurd idea to some, a brilliant idea to others.  Like it or hate it we do not care, we just ask that you respect it.  The truth is, there are so many ways to live your life, because this works for us does not mean it will translate for everyone, nor should it!  We are all on our own life journey, Living, Learning, and Cruising with Kids is ours.  We invite you along for this crazy adventure, follow us on most of the social media sites and check out our YouTube for another way to join in the fun!

*What aspect of your life would you change if you had a chance?!  Let us know in the comments below!

Windswept Gypsies


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