Last Call

Ty ended up booking my flight to New Bern, North Carolina a day earlier than planned, which ended up being a good surprise.  After 8 days at his Mom’s house, going back and forth to our house for cleaning, clearing, and getting the house and yard ready for sale.  I packed my bags and littles into his Mom’s car at 4:30am to head to the airport.  We had a 6am flight so we wanted to leave at a good time to not rush.  Snow had fallen the night before and had continued to come down as we drove.  We were turning off the highway toward the airport when a car ahead of us lost control and spun toward our lane.  A sloping hill to our right, and a highway to our left, we had no choice …CRASH!

All I could think was, are my babies okay?  Luckily we weren’t going very fast upon collision, and the carseats were securely fastened.  Within a minute, a patrol car was at the scene.  Just knowing I would surely miss my flight, and in hindsight wishing I would have purchased the $25 insurance on our tickets.  Tyler’s Mom rushed over to the officers and asked if she was able to get us to the airport and come back to deal with what had happened.  Just a few minutes passed and they released us to the airport.  We hustled in, checked our bags, went through security and boarded the plane.  I still can not believe we made our flight after the morning we had.

On the first flight they had to de-ice the plane, which took 60 minutes.  Knowing I had a 65 minute layover in Dallas, Texas.  I began to stress, a little, or a lot who’s to say?  Once we were up in the air, the kids slept the entire time and I assumed the rest of our day would be smooth sailing.  Well, it was not.  20170228_133456In my exhausted, post accident state I’d forgotten the de-icing madness, hopped off the plane, checked the time, and begun to panic.  My ticket said they started boarding at 9:55am and guess what, it was 10:05am. If you have ever flown through the Dallas/Fortworth airport then you know about the SkyLink.  It’s quick, efficient, and shuttles a lot of people.  But I was frantically running, half dragging Sofie behind me. With a HUGE bag full of stuff I didn’t even need on my back, and a 10 month old on my hip.  Needless to say, the SkyLink felt like an eternity.  At one point I heard Miss Sofie saying, “Momma my legs can’t go this fast.”  As I ran up to the gate, they announced their last call for gate C4.  A sense of relief, thankfulness, embarrassment, and the fact that I may actually pass out rushed over my body.  They kindly let us enter, we found our seats, and plopped down.  I think my misshapen appearance made the man that was supposed to be sitting next to us ask to move.  O well, more room for us!

The second flight, the kids were up and down, snacking, playing, reading, and watching movies. For the most part it went rather well.  I was thankful I had a 2 hour layover in Charlotte, North Carolina, to get my bearings and fuel our bodies with some ‘good quality?’ airport food. Nonetheless we needed sustenance.  Boarding the last plane was a lot less stressful, but even though it was a quick 35 minute flight over to New Bern, North Carolina, the kids were ready for it to be over.  I met some nice folks on the plane, and couldn’t wait to not only see my hubby, but our boat, and home for the first time!  Tyler welcomed us with much needed smiles and hugs and we walked to baggage claim to collect our things.  An older gentleman came up behind us and said, “You Ma’am are a wonderful Momma, and a very courageous woman!”  Then looked at Ty and said, “You Sir are a very lucky man.”  After the morning we had, and flying with two kiddos by myself all day, I needed that!


As we drove to meet Night Music for the first time, it was nerve-racking.  Not only was I jet-lagged and not to mention had a cold and felt like death.  But I wasn’t sure just how I would feel about her.  I walked the dock with confidence and as my steps grew closer, my heart grew bigger.  I could tell she was mine from the moment my hand grasped her lines and my feet stood upon her deck. She is beautiful, sound, and I know that our future is wherever she ends up taking us.

Our first week as liveaboards brought a few challenges of it’s own, but that my friends will be in our next story!  Remember to like, follow, and share, as we take you on this exciting journey of living aboard with two kids.  It will have it’s ups and downs, but we can’t wait to bring you along with us!

*What essentials would you suggest for flying with kids, and what can you do without?  Let us know in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Last Call

  1. How exciting! Thanks for sharing the details. You ARE amazing! Anyone faced with the same issues might melt into a puddle of tears! I admire your drive, courage, passion and teamwork. So thankful you are reunited, safe & sound. Blessing aboard Night Music…..


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