Boat Crashes and Emergency Rooms!

If the title of this article is alarming, I apologize in advance. Before I get to the ‘good’ side of the story, let me back up a little bit.

20170427_141738This past month aboard Night Music we have accomplished many tasks. After deciding on a 10′ Walker Bay as our dinghy, Tyler set to work putting it together. Thanks to the rec-center here at the marina, he was able to assemble the boat indoors. Unfortunately the boat was shipped to us without the drain plug assembly. So as we waited for our new Yamaha outboard to get in, we waited for the drain plug as well. After little debate, Sofie decided on a name for our new dink. Introducing “Moana” (named after the Disney princess).

After the dinghy, Tyler set to work installing our new stove, tying up our lifeline netting, making lee cloth templates, and getting the boat ‘ship shape!’ Finally all was ready for our first sail!

BEEP… BEEP… BEEP… our alarm sounds. I look at the Clock, it’s 6:30am. Time to get Night Music buckled down and ready to sail. I’m a total novice, and decide that I need everything together before we pull out. Our original plan to leave the slip by 8am was quickly escaping us as I found more and more to accomplish before shoving off. Soon I was comfortable with things down below, but it was now 10am and the winds had picked up. I can tell Tyler isn’t happy. Nor does he seem comfortable getting out with the crosswind. The kids and I on the other hand, are just EXCITED! I have no worries in the world, cuddling my littles on the settee, as my captain turns the engine on and puts her in reverse. A minute passes and I think all is well until I hear, BAM!!! Out of no where my whole body lunges forward and the sound from the crash resonates throughout the boat.

Damaged swim ladder of SV Sitoa

I peek up above as Tyler swings the boat around to assess the damage. On the way out of the marina, the wind pushed us to the port side of the channel, where we sideswiped the swim ladder of a neighbor’s boat. After a call to the insurance company and a quick talk with the boat’s startled owner, we calmed our nerves the best we could and decided to head out to make the best of the day.

We motored out of the channel and into the wide and shallow Neuse River, where we hoisted the mainsail. We motor sailed around under main alone until the grumble of the inboard diesel was too much to take, which wasn’t long.

Captain in training!!!

We unfurled the Genoa (forward sail) and shut down Ol’ Iron Oar (the motor) and silently glided across the murky river waters with a steady 15 knot breeze. It was exhilarating, feeling the heel of Night Music as she grabbed the wind and seemed to truly enter her element. After about four hours of glorious sailing, we were ready to settle. We motored up Upper Broad Creek, just around the corner from our Marina, and dropped the anchor in about seven feet of water. After backing hard on the anchor we settled in for the night.

Night Music sat brilliantly at anchor and it was pleasant facing into the wind and allowing the breezes to pass through the boat. At 6am I woke to sensations I have never felt before. Excruciating pain in my flank and pelvis regions, with a constant urge to urinate. I will spare you the gory details, but was in dire need of some home remedies. We strapped the kids in their PFD’s, jumped in Moana, and set out on a grand adventure. Instead of traveling via dinghy ALL the way to the marina to get our vehicle, we decided to stop at Black Beard Sailing Club which was on the other side of the peninsula. After some obstacle jumping and weeding our way through Brier Bushes (thorny plants that form thickets), we went on a 3 mile walk with kids in tow. They did very well and even found some treasures along the way to keep them entertained. But Momma on the other hand wasn’t doing so good. The last stretch to the Xterra Tyler became my knight in shinning (board shorts) and left us to play by a pond, while he ran the rest of the way there. Relief rushed over me when I saw him pulling up.

Arriving at our local grocery store, I stocked up on various items I thought would help. Things such as; fresh cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar, and garlic, to add to my cocktail of remedies I already own at home. I knew for sure this would be the end-all-cure for this infection that was taking over my body. Being back in the air-conditioned Xterra, made me dread the long trek we had ahead of us. By this time the kids were pretty tired and needless to say, it wasn’t quite as ‘FUN’ as on the way there.

View from our anchorage!

Eventually we made it back, I can not tell you how thankful I was to see our boat in the distance, and a nice comfy berth with my name on it. For the next several days we enjoyed our peaceful anchorage, playing board games in the cockpit and exploring the creek on Moana. We were resistant to the idea of returning to the marina, but we needed to replenish our water and empty the holding tank. We checked the forecast to find the lowest winds for returning to our slip. Monday morning we woke to little to no wind and fired up the engine at first light, we are learning that weather is king when you live on a sailboat. The moment we returned to the slip (without incident this time) the heat was overwhelming, Tyler looked at me and said, “We have to get ac today!” A few hours later we were basking in the refreshing blow of ac coming through our center hatch thanks to a window ac unit and some quick work by Ty.

The severity of my condition began to worry not only myself but Tyler. The home remedies were not cutting it and with Tyler insisting that I reach out for medical assistance to confirm our ‘self diagnosis’, we headed to the hospital at 9pm. After a few tests, LOTS of waiting, IV fluids, and many different attempts to keep the kids happy, we were sent back home with the notion of “You just have to grin and bear it.” A quick stop at Walgreens for some Colloidal Silver and I was set to recover over the next week.

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8 thoughts on “Boat Crashes and Emergency Rooms!

  1. Hope you are feeling better! What a way to start! So good meeting y’all the week before last with my mom & sister. Looking forward to your adventures and wish I was traveling with you!


  2. At times like that it’s time to get on the VHF and ask for help, our experience is that other boaters are glad to help and a PAN-PAN will do the trick. Also Tow Boat is worth it’s cost. Tom & Sue


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