Unexpected Adventures!

Long time no see Gypsies! Be forewarned, this post may sound a bit like I am complaining, and well, that’s because I am. This past month has been an adventure. Maybe not on the water (for the kids and me), but a journey non-the-less. It all started with a bump the size of a nickel forming on Sofie’s upper gum line.  With what little I know about teeth, and a quick google search I was certain it was an abscess.  After spending a few hours figuring out the best option of care for my sweet girl, I decided to book a flight back to our ‘home-base’, Grand Junction, CO, for the kids and myself, and Tyler would stay on the boat with Riot.

Two days later we were headed to the airport, without incident this time!  It started out great, we had been through this rodeo a few months prior and I thought I knew ALL the tricks.  I could sense a disaster a mile away, or so I thought.



Sleepy CJ on the plane!


We boarded the plane in Dallas, TX, and snuggled into our seats. Kids were happy, I was a bit stressed with worry for what the next couple weeks would entail, but never-the-less, I felt that the trip was going rather smoothly. Usually after boarding a plane, it takes 30 minutes or so before everyone is situated and the plane is ready for flight.  Well, an hour of waiting, and I could tell the passengers, (especially the two in my seat), were getting a little squirmy.  Add another hour and you get; irritability, anger, frustration, and panic of the 100 (or-so) other passengers on flight… #slowasasnail #hurryupmykidsarehungry #whyarewetakingsolong.  At the 2-hour mark, they told us it was protocol that we must exit the plane to, and I quote, “Stretch our legs.”  It was raining so I give them that, but it took another half hour just to connect the jet bridge to the plane.

Kids waiting patiently on the plane!

We gathered our belongings and headed back into the same airport we left 2 ½ hours ago. Needless-to-say, I was beyond confused.  As I looked around I noticed hundreds of people walking around, frantically asking questions with no answers in sight.  By this time the kids are tired, hungry, wanting to run-amuck, and I am struggling to keep it together.  I had 2 bags, 2 kids pulling me in different directions, and the last I heard I am, STRETCHING MY LEGS?!  I watch as passengers begin lining up at the same terminal.  We all had no idea what was happening. The pilot exits the plane and his response was, “I don’t know.”  After 15 minutes and the line BARELY moving, I trudge myself to the front of the VERY LONG line.  I over-hear the front person re-booking his flight.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I look at the lady working the desk and say, “ARE YOU BOOKING FLIGHTS?  Why were we not told to do so?  Do we have to stand in this extremely long line?”  She replied, “No you can go to any terminal.”  I looked back and the entire line scattered and everyone began re-booking their flights.

When it was eventually my turn to re-book my flight (and at least 10 people cut in front of the kids and me), I hear from passerby’s that they canceled over 100 flights during this whole fiasco, and literally NO-ONE knew where our bags were. Panic was setting in, they told me the soonest I could re-book was 2 days later and I would have to figure out my own transportation and accommodations, and they didn’t have ANYTHING to say about me not having car seats. (Which were on the plane being flown to Colorado, I found out later.)  One person finally told me to go to baggage claim (which was wrong), but since I was stranded without car seats, diapers, and all the other ‘Mommy-necessities’, and not 100% sure they would be there, I wasn’t heading that way. All it took was one more person cutting in front of me, and I totally lost it.



Leaving the hotel for our final flights

“Do you seriously think you are more important than me, I have two kids and you’re alone, are you kidding me?”  I dropped my bags to the ground.  Holding my exhausted and crying kids, “I have been running around trying to find my bags, and figure out what is going on, and you are going to push your way to the front of the line?! Where are my bags?! Where are my car seats?! How can NO ONE in this place know what happens to someone’s bags when a flight gets canceled? I need help!”  I felt my face getting hot and tears building in my eyes, and regret from down-grading my phone and not having Wi-Fi to figure any of this out was setting in.  To my surprise, a man from Fruita, CO steps forward and says, “Ma’am I’m going to be here for the next two days also, I will more than gladly help you.”  With a sincere smile upon his face, I looked up at him probably with an abandoned-puppy-look on my face and relief flooded through my body.

Over the next couple hours, we found that our bags were, HOPEFULLY, being flown to our originally destination. And this nice gentleman, name Kyle, helped me; re-book my flight, book a hotel room, schedule a shuttle over to said-hotel-room, find the nearest place to get diapers, and fill our starving bellies. We ended up with a few hiccups along the way, but we were fed, washed, and in our newest beds by midnight.  As I closed my eyes, I thought that the terrible series of unfortunate events was over, I was startled awake by the sound of a fire alarm beeping, and a recording saying, “THERE IS A FIRE IN THE BUILDING, I REPEAT THERE IS A FIRE IN THE BUILDING! PLEASE EVACUATE TO THE NEAREST EXIT.” I was struck with fear and jumped to my feet.  I swooped up my two most important, sleepy little humans, and ran out the door.  Kyle, was just outside, making sure we got out safely.  As we darted out the door he plopped Sofie onto his lap and he instantly became another Grandpa to my beautiful kids. We waited patiently watching the hotel from the side-lines. The firetrucks came with their horns blaring, but in the end, we found that it was a water-leak and not as big a fear as we first thought.  Thank GOODNESS. I couldn’t take another mishap that day. The next morning consisted of; another shuttle back to the airport, checking back in, and a few more hours of non-eventful flights to reach our hometown in Colorado!  We were greeted by Tyler’s Mom at the airport and we were excited to finally be back!


Made it to GG’s house, we were exhausted!!

Over the next 3 weeks we went to multiple appointments, and found that Sofie would need to be put under general anesthesia to get work done on her teeth, (darn genetics.)  The great news, was that we have The BEST Pediatric Dentist on top of having The BEST Anesthesiologist on the Western Slope.  Normally it’s a good 12-week wait-list for this to be done, but considering the circumstances, and the fact that we are a traveling family, we got her in, in just 2 weeks! As the day approached I knew she was in good hands, though fear was still residing in the back of my mind.  The Anesthesiologist and the Doctor talked with us and took Miss Sofie back all by herself.  She did absolutely AMAZING! She went under, and came to beautifully.  For a few hours following the procedure, she was sleepy and saying her teeth felt funny, but in-no-time she was back to her silly, playful self!

Throughout this month-long-stay in Colorado we got a couple offers on our house and Tyler and I decided it would be best to take our trailer (which was full of items we couldn’t fit on the sailboat. Like our raft, extra camping gear, and a few other things we just couldn’t seem to part with.) And He and Riot would go on yet another road-trip back to CO, from NC.

*Stay tuned for our next post: Tyler’s Bachelor-sailing experience, selling our house, becoming DEBT-FREE, and the ins-and-outs of traveling in a vehicle with two kids and a dog across country in 5 nights!


Always good to see Family and take a ride!

Thank you to Pediatric Dental Specialists of Western Colorado!  We are more than happy with the services we received!

And a Shout-Out to Miss Sofie D for being the most brave, sweet, amazing little girl that she is! I am SO very proud of you baby girl!

*If you were alerted of a fire in the building, what would be the 3 things you would grab on your way to safety? Let us know in the comments below!
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10 thoughts on “Unexpected Adventures!

    1. Good to hear from someone so close to home. I grabbed my wallet on the way out the door also, figured I needed money to survive if there truly was a fire.
      Thanks for following along!!


  1. What a nightmare and you handled it like a trooper. I admire you for your strength . May God continue to watch over you and your family. Dottie. From the Days Inn Wytheville where you stayed on your way to NC.


  2. I enjoy reading about your adventures. This is the time in your life for you to make such an adventure. Enjoy and keep posting!

    Fruita, CO


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