What are we doing?

A question that we are getting a lot lately. We are a young family from western Colorado, pulling up roots, selling off everything in order to buy a sailboat and pursue our dreams of adventure and a simpler life. That’s right! We are leaving a quality job, selling a comfortable home, selling our reliable vehicles and moving away from the support of family and friends. But not to worry, we will have a boat! We Plan on purchasing a sailboat, moving aboard, and going to….? Who knows? Who cares? We will be on a boat capable of taking us anywhere in the world the rest we will make up as we go.

Meet the crew!



I grew up in the small ranching community of Collbran Colorado.  My desire for sailing around the world developed in high school while researching places and ways to travel the world, the idea of a small sailboat able to carry its crew and all their possessions affordably around the world really appealed to me,  I knew someday I would have to travel this way. After several jobs, an attempt at college, and many other adventures I was lucky to meet my amazing wife Kristy. Together we have nurtured a beautiful young family here in Grand Junction but have still held onto this dream and jumping both feet in plan on doing it.  I am incredibly lucky to have a beautiful wife, and adventurous kids willing to pick up everything and go.



Kristy Jo:

kristyI grew up in a  large family of nine in Grand Junction, Colorado.  Growing up, my dream was to become the best Momma I could be, and that I have! When Tyler and I first met, he told me, “I don’t want to sail around the world with anyone but you!”  Seeing as I know, NOTHING about sailing, traveling, or raising a family aboard.  I thought, hey why not jump in feet first?

A few years has past since that day.  We got married, had the kids, and our next step is to …….. buy a boat?!  I think yes! This may have started as a DREAM, but who says dreams can’t come true?!


sofSofie D.

Introducing the one and only Sofie D. Miss Sofie is unlike any 3 year old you have ever met! She amazes us everyday with her witty comments, creative jokes, and full of life perspective. She enjoys learning new things, helping with her baby brother and being a playful goofball at every opportunity.She Makes her parents happy each and every day with her wild antics and sweet comments. Sofie’s favorite food is fish, and coming in second is french fries. “My favorite thing to do is play, and my favorite book is Bear Sees Colors.” When Sofie grows up she wants to be a “decorator.”





C.J. Wesley:

Meet C.J. He is a little ball of love. This little man always has a smile on his face and a giggle held back in reserve. He is constantly on the move chasing after his big sister, dogs or generally anything that moves. He is a rough and tumble boy who shakes off falls, crashes, and bumps quickly so he can move on to the next thing. Reading is one of his favorite pass times, however, games with sis or food come right in there. We often forget he is less than a year old, he is growing so fast that his parents have a hard time keeping up.