Less Is More!

Life aboard has presented us with some unique challenges over the last several weeks and we have already learned a plethora of information which I am eager to share with you all. We have learned to live without the everyday conveniences of life on land but since we were featured in an article from our … More Less Is More!

Last Call

Ty ended up booking my flight to New Bern, North Carolina a day earlier than planned, which ended up being a good surprise.  After 8 days at his Mom’s house, going back and forth to our house for cleaning, clearing, and getting the house and yard ready for sale.  I packed my bags and littles … More Last Call

2,237 Miles……

Well … I’ve finally made it! It was the longest solo road trip I’ve completed so far and not an easy one at that. From the city of Fruita in Western Colorado, to New Bern, North Carolina. Through mountains and plains, along rivers and through storms, the trusty Nissan Xterra has come through once more. … More 2,237 Miles……


We are happy and proud to invite you along on our adventures, and welcome you to be part of our experience in what we hope will be a pleasurable and fulfilling way of life. … More Welcome